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Colnav Nguyen, Photography

Composition in lines & triangles * Colnav Nguyen



(Texts extracted partly from ExpertPhotography)

Black and white images often explore strong compositions, emphasize textures and shapes with higher contrast.

Horizontal lines are everywhere we look. They form the basis of many compositional rules. They also offer an impression of stability to the image as it runs parallel to the ground that we stand upon. A horizontal line can be boring on its own, especially when unbroken. The horizon is a perfect example. Yet when we break and intersect it with vertical one, it can add interest.








Vertical and Horizontal lines are the dominant lines in the composition. They are reinforced or supported by parallel lines throughout. The spacing between the supporting lines starts to create a rhythm







Diagonal lines in photography adds contrast and dynamic tension to a photo where you wouldn’t ordinarily see it. The more diagonals involved, the greater the effect.










The diagonals draw the viewers’ eyes into the frame, and the intersection is what keeps it there.










Repetition is a great compositional technique to make an image more interesting. The repetition strengthens the impact of the image tenfold. This makes the image purposeful, very powerful and interesting.











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