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Karma: Is she really a bitch?



Giới thiệu với bạn đọc bài viết của một follower của Thân Tri, một blogger người ngoại quốc lấy tên là simplytrizah, về nghiệp (karma), về luật có vay có trả. Nhưng cô lý luận rằng karma là không công bằng vì cô nhận thấy có nhiều người luôn làm điều thiện nhưng tai ương vẫn đổ ập lên đầu họ.

Thân Tri giữ nguyên tác bài viết bằng tiếng Anh của blogger này, mong rằng nhiều bạn đọc của Thân Tri có thể hiểu được.





Hallo my lovely readers,

‘What goes around comes back around?’….Not exactly.




Chances are ,you familiar with the saying “Karma is a bitch.” Let me clarify something first, in this context,I am referring to the modern/Western understanding of what Karma is ,you know, the idea that if you do bad things,it comes back to you and if you do good ,good things happen to you. Its a nice idea,right? Its simple and comforting,and I wish it was actually true.

Am sure many people have lost count of the number of times they’ve screamed “Karma is a bitch” to anyone who did them wrong .”what goes around comes back around “,is a phrase that comforts most people when they are in an unfair situation or any other situation in which they have no control. When someone is really hurt by another,he/she hopes and really wants to believe that there is Karma which will avenge on his/her behalf. It feels right. we think that is how the world has to work. The idea of ‘karma’ makes us think that somehow ,all those who hurt us will pay and our struggles will one day be worth it. But do you really think that’s how it works?




Personally,I don’t believe in Karma because I know that the world is not fair and that what goes around ,does not always come back around. If people would take an honest look at the world we live in,that fact would be obvious. Karma doesn’t get everyone .Bad people who thrive on causing pain to others all the time aren’t necessarily “punished” by karma. Good people do good things all the time but they have their fair share of bad things happening to them as well. It rains on both of them .We all know that one shitty and mean person who is very successful ,happy and content with life,and we also know that one kind,humble and generous person who has a very difficult/hard life that we sometimes ask ourselves ,”why them?” That’s how life works,things don’t always balance out.

If Karma was for real, I don’t think we would need jails,lawyers,judges,trials etc because everyone who did something wrong would be punished by the universe. But it just doesn’t work that way,really. So darling ,if you are waiting around for Karma to come and revenge for you,am sorry to burst your bubble but,you might wanna take a seat because it is gonna be a long wait. It’s easier to just Forgive and let it go. Think about it.


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