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Colnav Nguyen, Photography

Lễ Hỏi Vợ ở Huế – An Engagement Procession in Hue – Colnav Nguyen

Lễ Hỏi Vợ ở Huế – An Engagement Procession in Hue

by Colnav Nguyen

IMG_1607b IMG_1608b IMG_1609b IMG_1610b IMG_1611b IMG_1612b

This big engagement I happened to see when I was standing in front of a shop on a street in the Citadel of Hue. Pictures took in October 2007.

This procession belonged to the groom’s side. It was only the first part of the ceremony I could capture. The groom sent an army of mostly are his family vip members to the bride’s house, to offer offerings, and the most respect person from his family would ask the representative of the bride’s family, their permission to start the ceremony.


Đây là phần đuôi của đoàn rước đám hỏi. This is the end of the procession, people in this part, normally are children and helpers.


This picture and the next, show bearers carrying offerings. They wore in traditional clothes. You can see them now in Hue only. I wonder how long this tradition could sustain in this fast changing world.



Men in black at center carrying jewelry and especially the engagement ring, they would show to the groom when he needed it.


VIP family members in nice clothes followed young men who carried some offering in food, brought only in wedding or engagement by tradition.


This is the head part of the procession. Representatives of both sides were talking.

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