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Scientists : Nail technicians are up to ‘100 times more at risk of cancer’

    Nail technicians are exposed to dangerously high levels of chemicals thought to cause cancer, research suggests. Scientists studied six salons and found their air contained formaldehyde and other toxic compounds. Concentrations were beyond what is deemed safe to avoid several forms of cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukaemia. And exposure … Tiếp tục đọc

The death of DSLRs is near

      Two decades ago, DSLRs were introduced to replace film cameras. With only a few megapixels, very short battery life, and an overall low quality, it was only natural that most photographers were very skeptical at first. It took a few generations until digital cameras were fully accepted and analog photography was left … Tiếp tục đọc

The 10 most expensive works sold in 2019

    The past several years in auction house news have been marked by jaw-dropping records, but in 2019, the drama didn’t only happen during the actual auctions. Perhaps the largest piece of news was that Sotheby’s had its final round of auctions as a public company, as the house went private with French-Israeli media magnate Patrick Drahi at … Tiếp tục đọc

Work-life balance in the middle of the ocean

            In the North Atlantic Ocean stands an 826,733-ton (750,000 tonnes) engineering feat: a man-made island that, day and night, plays its part in supplying the world with energy. Welcome to Hebron, one of the world’s largest offshore oil production platforms and a truly unique place. First, take its location … Tiếp tục đọc

As another bomber crash lands, is Russia’s military hardware falling apart?

        by Kyle Mizokami / PopularMechanics A Russian bomber crew successfully landed their stricken aircraft in a field after the one of the airplane’s engines failed. The Tu-22M3 bomber was put down away from populated areas and Russia’s air force is now trying to figure out how to recover it for repairs. … Tiếp tục đọc

Five ways to stop feeling tired all the time

  Sleepiness is one thing, but tiredness can be caused by stress, pain or habitually poor lifestyle choices. Here’s how to feel more rested     Figure out if you’re tired or sleepy “It’s important to recognise that there’s a difference between tiredness and sleepiness,” says Hugh Selsick, chair of the Sleep Working Group at the Royal … Tiếp tục đọc

Why so many Americans are turning to Buddhism

  The ancient Eastern religion is helping Westerners with very modern mental-health problems.     The Atlantic | Olga Khazan, a staff writer at The Atlantic   Dressed in flowing gold robes, the bald female meditation teacher told us to do nothing. We were to sit silently in our plastic chairs, close our eyes, and focus on … Tiếp tục đọc

Why Vietnam Needs Six Airlines

  Ralph Jennings – Contributor – Asia / Forbes     Vietnam already supports five operating commercial airlines and a sixth is on the way. That’s because so many of the country’s newly minted middle class is literally going places. Vietnam’s civil aviation authority estimates air passenger traffic will reach 131 million by 2020 following average growth … Tiếp tục đọc

Criminals use wireless signals to steal cars

    (Extracted from “5 impressive ways criminal use wireless signals to steal everything – even your car” by Courtney Lender / PopularMechanics)   Imagine coming home after a long day of work, kicking off your shoes, setting your key fob on the table, and heading to bed. Sounds pretty normal. Sounds pretty boring. Now imagine waking … Tiếp tục đọc

Here’s How Sleep Removes Poisons From Your Brain, Protecting You From Alzheimer’s as Nothing Else Can

  By Minda Zetlin, co-author of “The Geek Gap”   During deep sleep, a unique and mysterious process clears the toxins that cause Alzheimer’s out of your brain     The more we learn about sleep, the more important we know it is to brain function. We even know that not enough uninterrupted sleep can increase … Tiếp tục đọc

Do you have the right to recline your airline airplane seat? No, and here’s why

        Christopher Elliott / USA TODAY   Stop reclining your airplane seat. Two domestic airlines already limit your ability to lean back in economy class. Even if the airline doesn’t make the decision for you, it’s the polite thing to do. And, most important, it’s the right thing to do. “Seat reclining … Tiếp tục đọc

Missing for 30 years, a rare deer species is rediscovered in Vietnam

        In southern Vietnam, an unusual house cat-sized deer relative has escaped the efforts of wildlife biologists. While local lore suggested it was still around, attempts to find one alive had failed—and even a dead specimen hadn’t been seen in 30 years. But in research reported today in Nature Ecology & Evolution, the … Tiếp tục đọc

Into the land of Indigo (in Vietnam) * photographer Réhahn

      When I first met the H’Mông, one of Vietnam’s most well-known ethnic groups, I was inspired to learn more about their traditional way of dyeing fabrics for my Indigo Collection of photographs. The H’Mông are praised for their beautiful clothing that is handcrafted with sustainable techniques. This article gives insight into the … Tiếp tục đọc

Nên uống thuốc cao huyết áp vào giờ ngủ – Blood pressure pills ‘work better at bedtime’

  By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online     To get the best out of your daily blood pressure medication, take it just before you go to bed, say researchers. It’s a simple tip that could save lives, they say in the European Heart Journal. The pills offer more protection against heart attacks and … Tiếp tục đọc

Tourists rail against closure of Instagram-famous ‘train street’ in Vietnam …

    Narrow railway corridor in central Hanoi  is usually packed with visitors seeking the perfect Instagram snap But the police have erected barricades to block people from the tracks in a bid to avoid any accidents  Signs have been installed in the area warning people not to take photos or videos in the ‘dangerous … Tiếp tục đọc

How to boil the perfect egg

  By J. Kenji López-Alt In his first column for The Times, J. Kenji López-Alt tests his way to the best egg: perfectly peelable and tender throughout.     As a mostly stay-at-home dad responsible for all the meals in our household, I depend on a supply of boiled eggs in the refrigerator — ready to … Tiếp tục đọc

‘Never, ever use a debit card,’ warns fraud expert and ex-con artist

  Frank Abagnale, contributor, FRAUD EXPERT AND EX-CON ARTIST       Every year, millions of American consumers — nearly 7% of the population — are victims of scams and fraud. In 2017, the number of fraud victims in the US reached 16.7 million, with $16.8 billion lost. For more than 45 years, I’ve worked with, … Tiếp tục đọc

Hundreds Gather at Abbey Road to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Beatles’ Album Cover

  by Anna Tingley     Hundreds and possibly thousands of Beatles fans crowded at the Abbey Road crosswalk on a beautiful London morning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s iconic album cover, which was taken across the street from the studio in just a few minutes on Aug. 8, 1969. The famous photo, captured … Tiếp tục đọc

I drew every day for a year * This is what I learned

           Kristin Taravella         “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” — Andy Warhol                 … Tiếp tục đọc

Điều gì xảy ra nếu phi hành gia qua đời ngoài không gian ? What happens if an astronaut dies in space?

      By Caitlin Doughty Caitlin Doughty is a licensed mortician and the New York Times best-selling author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and From Here to Eternity. Her new book is WILL MY CAT EAT MY EYEBALLS? She created the “Ask a Mortician” web series and owns a funeral home in Los Angeles, California.   Like the vast … Tiếp tục đọc

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